Friends have assessed the state of this religious society through the use of queries since the time of George Fox. Rooted in the history of Friends, the queries reflect the Quaker way of life, reminding Friends of the ideals we seek to attain. From the Christian tradition, Friends have taken as a standard the life and teaching of Jesus, not only as recorded in the New Testament, but even more importantly as revealed inwardly, as we seek God’s truth and its expression through our lives today. Friends approach queries as a guide to self-examination, using them not as an outward set of rules, but as a framework within which we assess our convictions and examine, clarify, and consider prayerfully the direction of our lives and the life of the community. (From PYM)

November's Query

Witnessing in the World:


a. What does our meeting do to support and improve public education?

b. What help do we provide for the children and adults in our meeting to pursue their educational goals?

c. What is our meeting’s role in support for Friends’ education? If our meeting is connected to a Friends school or schools, does this relationship nurture spiritual life and the manifestation of Friends principles?

d. Do we enable children in our meeting to attend a Friends school? Does our meeting work with the family to consider all available means of support?

e. How do I show my concern for the improvement of public education in my community?

f. Do I demonstrate my encouragement and support for Friends education through awareness and service?

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