West Grove Friends Meeting Breakfast God Talk
West Grove Friends Meeting Breakfast God Talk
West Grove Friends Meeting Quaker Baker

8:00 am Gathering for Breakfast and Book Discussion.

Everyone is welcome!

Adult First Day School . . . aka "Eggers"

What an odd name (even for Quakers!) for an adult Sunday School.

It hasn’t always been this way...


“In the beginning” the group was called ‘God Talk’ because we talked about, well, God.

But then we found ourselves talking about other things as well: social issues, important Quakers from the past, and the Quaker Monthly Queries. The more we talked the more we found that an hour before Meeting just wasn’t enough time.

So a few years ago we decided to begin at 8:00 am with breakfast. The men cook the eggs (hence the name Eggers) and the rest of us bring all of the sides such as fresh fruit in season, baked goods, grits, yogurt and bacon! We fill our plates and the discussion begins.

We usually have a book or an article as a jumping off place. Sometimes we discuss current social issues but most of the time the discussions are theosophical (God talk of a sort).

Those who form our group come from diverse religous backgrounds and the delightful part is that while we are all on our own particular spiritual journey through our discussions we have all experienced an A-Ha! moment or two.

The books we choose for discussions on spiritual matters come from Christian, Jewish and other faith traditions. We have found that looking at spirituality from many different perspectives brings insights we could gain no other way. 

The Dali Lama has said it best:

“The beating heart of every religion is compassion; we all want to be ‘happy’; all religions have some version of the Golden Rule; and that we will do the right thing given a chance”.

The folks who make-up Eggers are  intellectually stimulating and spiritually curious people.  We bring our varied backgrounds and vocabularies to the table and help each other figure ‘it’ out.   

For a current list of the books Eggers has been reading and discussing please click here!

Eggers will be on Zoom in August...

Eggers will be connecting virtually on Zoom at 8:00am

      Sunday, August 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29

You can contact Molly Wood at WGQuakers@gmail.com with any questions. 

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