Quaker Community

Quakers. . . who are we?

Officially known as The Religious Society of Friends, Quakers form a community that stretches all around the globe.  When travelling, Quakers can count on the assistance of other Quakers no matter where in the world they may be.

The structure of Quakerism includes a Yearly Meeting, in our case it is the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The Yearly Meeting is made-up of Quarterly Meetings (we are part of the Western Quarter) and Monthly Meetings which are the local Meetings. The Yearly Meetings meet annually to address the concerns of the larger group; the Quarter meets Quarterly to discuss concerns of those Meetings within the Quarter and the local Meetings address their concerns Monthly in what is called ‘Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business’.

Most Quaker Meetings tend to be quite small with an active group of 10 – 60. West Grove’s average is around 20. We have found that the blessings far out way the challenges inherent with a small group. Our sense of community is the glue that binds. We make a conscious effort to include new people as well as embracing those who have been here a long time and the spirit of caring for one another is what keeps us coming back.